Meltdown & Spectre Protection

Nowadays, Meltdown & Spectre issues have been spread over the world pretty quickly. As people know, Meltdown & Spectre issues can let the attacker access the sensitive information that been stored in the victim’s PC […]

Arachni – Web Security Framework

Arachni is a Web Security Framework that will scanner the vulnerabilities on the targeted website. It can be used on the Linux based Operating System. Arachni have two type of version which GUI interface and […]

2018 Security Prediction

The year 2017 will raise down their curtains in a few days, and we will facing a new year soon. Because of that, there are a few prediction that might occurs in the year of […]

Web Application: Vega Vulnerabilities Scanner

What is Vega Vulnerabilities Scanner? Vega Vulnerabilities Scanner is a free and open source tools that will help you to scan the web application system that you wanted to test. Just like Acunetix, it also […]

Kali Linux 2017.3

Recently, Kali Linux have released their latest version which is 2017.3. There’s some update on a few tools like cuckoo, Burpsuite, Reaver and some more. However, there also a new tools added into the new […]

Oracle Critical Patch Update

Last week, ERPscan have reveal on the vulnerabilities that effected the Oracle Server application called “Tuxedo”. For those are not familiar with the Oracle Tuxedo, can read about it at here The ERPscan company mentioned that […]

Mobile Penetration Testing Masterclass

What is Mobile Penetration Testing? Nowadays,Mobile Penetration Testing can be considered as one of the important Penetration Testing that needed on any application or system. There have a few platform that available in the wild […]

IcedID trojan

What is IcedID and How it spread? IcedID is a new trojan that been found in the banking scene where it still in the first development. Similiar to Trickbox and Dridex, trojan called IcedID can […]

TOR bug

Recently, there have been found a bug in TOR whether using http or HTTPs that been triggered where it’s known as “TORMOIL” a members of TOR project have provided a temporary solution until the final […]

hashcat v4.0.0

What is Hashcat? Hashcat have release a new version which version 4.0.0 where there will a few new features that is implement inside it. For those who doesn’t know what is hashcat, hashcat is one […]