HTTP Public Key Pinning(PKP) removed from Chrome

Google have announced that HTTP Public Key Pinning will be removed and they plan to removed it on May 2018 which it will implement during Chrome 67 HTTP Public Key Pinning For those who doesn’t […]

Bad Rabbit Ransomware

Recently, there is a new ransomware have been caused problem to computer in Russia and Ukraine called “Bad Rabbit”. The Bad Rabbit Ransomware is using the similar method as previous ransomware which is NotPetya that […]

Reaper Botnet

A new botnet called “Reaper” have been notice as a massive issues since middle of September this year. This new botnet “Reaper” is basically is been made up of a few things such as IP-Based […]


As people have notice, there have a new version of the Kali Linux that just came out recently. One of the new tools that added into the repositories is SSH-Audit. For those are not have […]

IPv10 Draft Specification

It’s been since December last year that we heard about the IPv10 and now finally we can see the draft of IPv10 available in the wild. How it works? As the name suggest, anybody with […]


To check and analyze the rootkit in a computer, there is a lot of tools that perform and one of them are chkrootkit. Normally, its hard to find a single rootkit in the computer because […]

Apache Struts Vulnerabilities

There’s a new vulnerabilities that might be threaten almost a number companies where the vulnerabilities came from Apache Struts. For those are not aware what is Apache Struts, Apache Struts is a programming framework in […]

Lynis – Security Assessment Tools

Lynis is an linux open source automated auditing tools where normally used by the system administrator to audit their system. Below are the Operating that can run the lynis: AIX FreeBSD HP-UX Linux Mac OS […]

Security Method: Phishing

What is Phishing Email? Phishing Email is usually an email that been send by the spammer to get details or information about the victims such as Name, Bank Account Details, Phone Number and so on. […]

Web Application modsecurity

As people know, Web Application is one of the important things for any system and company to have.Nowadays, people are looking on how to protect their Web Application from been compromised by the bad guys. […]