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I’m a very curious person about everything about computers especially related to security stuff. Aside from that, I’m also currently learning a few new techniques and methods in the Red Team environment during job training.

Whenever I have done any Penetration Testing activity, I always found a new technique to be explored.

During my free time, I play Online CTF platforms such as HackTheBox and TryHackMe to improve my skills and knowledge

During my daily job, I’m focusing on more security stuff, especially for the end-user and client’s side.

While during my nighttime, I will normally do Security Research on the latest vulnerability and exploit. I also take part in HackTheBox and TryhackMe Challenge.


My experience in Cybersecurity started when I was a child. During my childhood, I have learned a little bit about computers and Operating systems. My first OS would be MS-DOS.

After that, I moved to Ubuntu OS, Redhat OS before moving to Kali Linux which later, I move to Mac OS and Parrot OS

I’m a script-kiddie that needs more experience and knowledge within Cybersecurity Area.

My alias on those platforms can be seen below:


Penetration TestingOperating System Tools Knowledge
Web Application All Linux DistributionMetasploit
Mobile Penetration TestingMac OS Netcat
Network Penetration TestingWindowsNmap
Server Penetration TestingBurpsuite
Network Vulnerabilities AssessmentDirbuster