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I’m a very curious person about everything about computers especially related to security stuff. Aside from that, I’m also currently learning a few new techniques and methods in the Red Team environment during job training.

Whenever I have done any Penetration Testing activity, I always found a new technique to be explored.

During my free time, I play Online CTF platforms such as HackTheBox and TryHackMe to improve my skills and knowledge

During my daily job, I’m focusing on more security stuff, especially for the end-user and client’s side.

While during my nighttime, I will normally do Security Research on the latest vulnerability and exploit. I also take part in HackTheBox and TryhackMe Challenge.


My experience in Cybersecurity started when I was a child. During my childhood, I have learned a little bit about computers and Operating systems. My first OS would be MS-DOS.

After that, I moved to Ubuntu OS, Redhat OS before moving to Kali Linux which later, I move to Mac OS and Parrot OS

I’m a script-kiddie that needs more experience and knowledge within Cybersecurity Area.


Penetration TestingOperating System Tools Knowledge
Web Application All Linux DistributionMetasploit
Network Penetration TestingMac OS Netcat
Server Penetration TestingWindowsNmap
Network Vulnerabilities AssessmentBurpsuite