DNS-over-HTTPS review

DNS is also known as Domain Name Server is a network protocol that been used by people around the world whenever to access website URL rather than IP Address. In […]

Smuggling attack on HTTP request

This smuggling attack on HTTP requests would sound pretty new for some of the people out there which I will like to share the information with others just for knowledge-sharing […]

ATM Assessment

I’m sure that most of the people know what Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is and what is used in our daily life. Just for a reminder for those are not […]

Vulnerabilities Assessment vs Penetration Testing

In this post, I would like to share the difference between Vulnerabilities Assessment vs Penetration Testing during real-life security testing. However, some organizations might want to do Vulnerabilities Assessment and […]

PhoneSploit Android Mobile Debug Tool

PhoneSploit is a new tool that would be exploiting Android Mobile Devices by using Android Debug Bridge (ADB). The tools can be running within the Windows Operating System and Linux […]

Pentest Tool Framework

Pentest Tools Framework is a Penetration Testing tool that uses several exploits database with scanners. The interface looks identical to Metasploit with a simple type of UI/UX design for beginner […]

Active Directory Penetration Testing

Active Directory Penetration Testing normally covers exploiting misconfiguration within the Active Directory(AD). I’m still in the progress of learning Active Directory Penetration Testing so let learn together. Let recap on […]

AWS Penetration Testing Review

What is AWS Penetration Testing? AWS (Amazon Web Service) Penetration Testing can also be considered as one of the areas that pentester will invest in during Red Team Activities. The […]

XML Injection Attack review

In this post, I would like to share about XML Injection Attack that might be useful for some scenarios. For those who are not familiar with XML Injection attack, XML […]