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Cryptography Review

Those who are working in IT department, they sure aware of Cryptography method where nowadays are been used for encryption of the traffic.

There are four types of Cryptography key that can be used in daily usage such as Public Key, Private Key, Asymmetric Key and Symmetric Key.

Source: Asymmetric encryption – Simply explained

There are a few examples of an attack that related to Cryptography that resides within the CIA ( Confidentiality, Availability and Integrity):

  1. Interception which involves in Confidentiality Categories
  2. Interruption which involves in Availability Categories
  3. Modification which involves in Integrity Categories

Public Key and Private Key

In this section, we will look on how to create Public Key and Private Key.

The tools that i will be using is ssh-keygen

The first step of creating the Private key would be running the command ssh-keygen. We will need to input the name of the file and passphrase for the key to fully completed.

An example of what been explained earlier, people out there can be seen in the screenshot:

It will only take a few seconds to be completed and the user can look into the key created by ssh-keygen at the given location mentioned in “Your public key has been saved in <location>“.

For my case, it was been save in /User/darknite/.ssh/<filename>. Once the user went to the folder mention, the user can see something like show in the screenshot below:

As you can see on the screenshot above, there is Public Key and Private Key have been saved.

Below are the example of Private key and Public Key for those who want see what stored inside.

*For security purpose, i will not show the entire Private Key in this post.

Private Key

Public Key

Reference: Asymmetric encryption – Simply explained