XXE Attack Master class

What is XXE Attack? The XXE Attack(XML External Entity) is an attack where it against an application that will parses XML input. Like other attack, this attack can lead to […]

Computer Forensic

What is Computer Forensic? Computer Forensic is an progress that include a few step like presenvation, identification, extrction, interpretation, and documentation of computer evidence. When all the evidence is computer […]

Prowler – AWS Security Assessment tools

What is Prowler? During my research on how to do an security assessment on the cloud infrastructure, i stumble with Prowler tools which been write by Toni de la Fuente Twitter. […]

Denial of Service Masterclass Part 1

What is Denial of Service? The attack is a old school attack where the attacker can render any system to be unusable or significantly make the system a little slow  […]


Cryptojacking is a new terms that means as a secret use of your computing device to mine cryptocurrency where it normally used on the purpose of be confined to the […]