Penetration Testing Walkthrough

As most of us know, Penetration Testing will need to follow a few step in order to testing the server and network. Below are the manual that need to be […]

Wireless Penetration Testing Masterclass

What is Wireless Penetration Testing? Nowadays, Wireless Penetration Testing can be considered as one of the main testing for any organization. When we talk about Wireless, it can be dangerous […]

IOT Penetration Testing

What is IOT Penetration Testing? The IOT Penetration Testing is more like checking the vulnerabilities of the IOT device which it can consider as checking for any weakness on the […]

WPA3 is coming in 2018

As we know from last year where the KRACK’s WiFI vulnerabilities been found, Wifi Alliance have announce that WPA3 will be released in the 2018 where the encryption has been […]

Meltdown & Spectre Protection

Nowadays, Meltdown & Spectre issues have been spread over the world pretty quickly. As people know, Meltdown & Spectre issues can let the attacker access the sensitive information that been […]