Zoom’s Vulnerability Security Measure

Due to recent bugs or vulnerabilities in Zoom Application that have exposed to the public, Zoom has announced some security measures to ensure their customer’s privacy.

Zoom Application is one of the tools that been used to communicate among people on the internet besides Skype, Google Chat, and Facetime after Covid19 lockdown in countries that affected by it.

If Covid19 lockdown continues, a lot of users will work from home and it will cause people to use Applications on their machine to communicate with other people especially meeting. As a result, it will only be giving an opportunity to the attacker.

CEO and Founder of Zoom Eric S Yuan have written in the blog post as some follow:

Over the next 90 days, we are committed to dedicating the resources needed to better identify, address, and fix issues proactively. We are also committed to being transparent throughout this process,

FBI have said in their advisory as below:

As large numbers of people turn to video-teleconferencing (VTC) platforms to stay connected in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, reports of VTC hijacking (also called “Zoom-bombing”) are emerging nationwide, as individuals continue the transition to online lessons and meetings, the FBI recommends exercising due diligence and caution in your cyber-security efforts. The following steps can be taken to mitigate teleconference hijacking threats.”

On their advisory, FBI has warned other people of teleconferencing during Covid19 Pandemic where the issues are coming from “ZoomBombing

Source: FBI advisory, Zoom’s blog post, Zoom announces latest security, privacy measures

Author: Wan Ariff

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