Information Security

Yara Tools Usage

Malware Researchers will use the tool YARA in terms of helping them to identify and classify any sample of the malware used. Normally, Malware Researchers will able to create any rules malware families depending on the binary patterns.

Yara can be integrated with Python and C++ to make more complex tools and the tools are very flexible in terms of how to describe files and to trigger the rules. The rules outlet and distributions can be found here

Download and Usage of YARA


For Windows User who want to download and install YARA into their machine can gain the installer here


For those are using Mac OS, can download the tool by using brew command such as brew install Yara

Usage of YARA

Latest YARA would be yara v3.11.0 and the tools can be running by using the following command:


Example of the YARA that be used during binary analysis by Malware Researchers such as follow:

The screenshot above is been taken from YARA manual by type the command like man yara

Modules can be considered as a method of YARA will provide in terms of extending its features within the tools. The modules are from being categories of PE, ELF, Cuckoo, Magic and so on.

An example of basic modules that be created by other people using YARA:




Source: Welcome to YARA’s documentation!, and Virustotal Yara Github