Windows 10 will uninstall buggy update

Lately, Windows 10 have automatically uninstall any recent update that will causing a wreaking havoc within Operating System. The reason of this activity is that mostly of the update cannot compatible with the Latest Windows 10. 

For 30 days, Windows will stop the automatic installation on all the problematic updates in attempt of avoiding the major case repeat itself. As a result, Windows will have times to verify the issues and fix it before release it to the public.

If Windows Users did found any buggy issue on the updates, the user can report the issues to Microsoft Feedback Hub

Microsoft did made statement to explain the situation right now as follows:

Windows automatically installs updates to keep your device secure and running at peak efficiency. Occasionally, these updates can fail due to incompatibility or issues in new software

Source: Windows 10 can automatically uninstall updates with serious bugs

Author: Wan Ariff

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