Information Security

Urideep tools review

For this post, I would like to share some knowledge that I just recently learn a few days ago. When I do some research on the tools, I notice that the tools have been developing a couple of years ago but still useful until today.

Urideep is a tool that uses a method from Unicode encoding attacks with machine learning where it will base on knowledge in machine learning in order to create an amazing fake domain using the confusables.


For those that interested to use the tools, I will show on how to install and use the tools accordingly.

First, we need to download and install the tools into the machine so that we can proceed with the usage. The command that will be used to download the tools as follow:

git clone


gh repo clone mindcrypt/uriDeep

The screenshot above will show on how to download the tools which I use the first method.

For the tools to be running smoothly, you will need to fulfil the following requirement:

  1. Python-whois
  2. tld
  3. idna

Once all the requirement have been fulfilled, you can run the tools with the following command


Due to my machine Operating System, sadly there is error appear and I still looking for a solution on running the tools. Aside that if other people follow the step-by-step, there should be no problem or error appear