ZeroLogon Vulnerability

Lately, I heard a lot of ZeroLogon been mentioned in most of the internet browser/website. Due to that, I will also update the post with ZeroLogon Vulnerability. What is ZeroLogon […]

Microsoft Office hack that used in Mac OS

All Mac OS users have been shocked when there is an attack via Microsoft Office files such as Words, Excel, Powerpoint that have macros been embedded in the document’s files. […]

MITRE ATT&CK Knowledge

Some people will have an urge to know what is MITRE ATT&CK all about and what those methods can do within the cybersecurity field. Let’s dig more for knowledge purpose […]

Windows 10 Exploit has been confirmed as Critical

Recently, there have some news that related to Windows 10 Exploit been considered as Critical after the Emergency Microsoft’s Update. The vulnerabilities have been disclosed as SMBGhost or also known […]

Zoom’s Vulnerability Security Measure

Due to recent bugs or vulnerabilities in Zoom Application that have exposed to the public, Zoom has announced some security measures to ensure their customer’s privacy. Zoom Application is one […]

Old IOT Malware Comeback

An old IOT Malware called Conficker which has made a comeback in the year 2020. This IOT Malware was first discovered in the year 2008 that has exploited the bug […]

SMBv3.11 Vulnerability

Recently, there is a vulnerability related to SMBv3.1 (CVE-2020-0796) that been released without any patch during that time. SMB which also known as Server Message Block Protocol is a network […]

Vulnerabilities in Encapsulation

Encapsulation as people might have aware is a programming statement that been defined when it wrapping up the data under a single unit code. The main function would be to […]

Ghostcat Vulnerabilities

What is Apache AJP and Ghostcat Recently, there are new vulnerabilities that been discovered by Chinese cybersecurity firm Chaitin Tech related to Apache AJP protocol. The vulnerabilities have been given codename […]