During October 2020 Microsoft’s patch, an security update have addressed a critical vulnerabilities that been resides within the Windows TCP/IP stack which called DNS RA options or also known as […]

Latest Botnet has been discovered

After the first two botnets have been discovered which is BirckerBot and Silex, a new botnet has been found by Security Researcher from Netlab. The name of a new botnet […]

Border Gateway Protocol

A protocol such as Border Gateway Protocol(BGP) normally used for routing information on Exchange which been work between ISP like different ASes and the internet. How BGP works and Characteristic? […]

DNS-over-HTTPS review

DNS is also known as Domain Name Server is a network protocol that been used by people around the world whenever to access website URL rather than IP Address. In […]

Zone Transfer Security

Let’s start discuss Zone Transfer Security on this post. For those who are not familiar with DNS Zone Transfer, it is a process in which any DNS Server IP has […]

Secure over the Network

Nowadays, most everyone uses the internet for personal and business users over the network device (Router/Switch). However, the organization only do some protection on their server and system where they […]

Network Security Assessment tools

As we know, Network Security can be considered as one of the assessment when doing Penetration Testing. Another name of Network Security Assessment is called Vulnerability Assessment(VA). The Assessment should […]

Nmap Tutorial

Nmap is a network analysis and security auditing tool which is free and open source. Nmap is used by Security Consultant as an initial reconnaissance stage of Penetration Testing. Fyodor […]

Wireshark Masterclass

Wireshark is very popular among Security Professional especially Network Engineer and Pentester. The reason is that Wireshark can be used for Network Packet Analyzer. For those who are not familiar […]