Puny Code attacks review

Recently, An attack has occurred in Trend Micro Web Protection which take advantages of Punycode method which the vulnerability’s details can be seen as follow: CVE assigned: CVE-2020-25779 Platform affected: […]

Microsoft Office hack that used in Mac OS

All Mac OS users have been shocked when there is an attack via Microsoft Office files such as Words, Excel, Powerpoint that have macros been embedded in the document’s files. […]

Gobuster Review Tools

Introduction and credit Before I start to review the tools, I would like to give credit to OJ Reeves and Christian Mehlmauer for Gobuster tools. Gobuster is been used for […]

BlackEye Tool

BlackEye Tool is a Phishing Tool where it will duplicate exactly the same website such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Paypal, and so on. The tools were coded by @linux_choice […]