Urideep tools review

For this post, I would like to share some knowledge that I just recently learn a few days ago. When I do some research on the tools, I notice that […]

ATM Assessment

I’m sure that most of the people know what Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is and what is used in our daily life. Just for a reminder for those are not […]

Covid-19 Threat Intelligence Open Source

Right now, global is facing a common threat of COVID-19 where the global response will be required on global threats. As a result, the IT team has been working overtime […]


In this post, i would like to share one attack method that will take advantage on QR Code which called Quick Response Code Login Jacking (QRLJacking). QRLJacking is a new […]

Importance of Security in Domain Name

Nowadays, a lot of organizations create a Domain Name for their website and internal usage. It considered as important to the organization to ensure the data is been protected while […]

CyberSecurity Experience

In this post, I would like to share the CyberSecurity Experiences that I gained while exploring those fields such as SOC analyst, Forensic analyst, and Penetration Tester Resource. SOC Analyst […]

Cybersecurity Market

There is a lot of CyberSecurity issues that occur within the organization especially CyberAttack that coming from the attacker out there. Due to a lot of attacks that related to […]