Puny Code attacks review

Recently, An attack has occurred in Trend Micro Web Protection which take advantages of Punycode method which the vulnerability’s details can be seen as follow: CVE assigned: CVE-2020-25779 Platform affected: […]

Ghostcat Vulnerabilities

What is Apache AJP and Ghostcat Recently, there are new vulnerabilities that been discovered by Chinese cybersecurity firm Chaitin Tech related to Apache AJP protocol. The vulnerabilities have been given codename […]

Sudo Vulnerabilities on Linux and Mac OS x

Recently, there is news related to Sudo Vulnerabilities that affected Mac OS x and Linux Operating System. But those are using Mac OS and Linux don’t have been scared because […]

Oracle Security Patch Update

A few days ago, Oracle Security Patch Update has been released for this month. On the latest security patch, they have released about 334 security patch this year where it […]

DragonBlood Vulnerability

Around this year’s April, there are five vulnerabilities known as Dragonblood that been disclosed by two security researchers. This Dragonblood is a vulnerability that related to WPA3. Recently, the same […]

BlueKeep Ticking bomb

Bluekeep or also called CVE-2019-0708 is a vulnerability that related to critical remote code execution bug which found in older and legacy version of Windows such as Windows 7 and […]

Cisco IOS XE software update

Last Wednesday, a High Severity Cisco flaw has been found and been announce in the public alongside with the patch. However, there is no workaround for this vulnerabilities been release. […]

Amcrest Security Camera Vulnerability

As been wrote at ThreatPost, there is around six vulnerability have been found in Amcrest Security Camera by Mandar Satam, a senior security researcher at Synopsys as follows: CVE-2017-8226 CVE-2017-8227 […]

Windows 10 will uninstall buggy update

Lately, Windows 10 have automatically uninstall any recent update that will causing a wreaking havoc within Operating System. The reason of this activity is that mostly of the update cannot […]