As people have notice, there have a new version of the Kali Linux that just came out recently. One of the new tools that added into the repositories is SSH-Audit.

For those are not have any information on ssh-audit, SSH-Audit is a tools that been used for the ssh server auditing which features things like SSH1 and SSH2 protocol server auditing with support, grab banner, operating system, gather key-exchange, output algorithms recommendations and information and also analyze SSH version that might be compatibility based on algorithm information

How to get install into your new Kali Linux?

This new tools can be installed via github clone. The command that you guys can use for this is such as

git clone

It shouldn’t take a long time to download and install it on your Kali Linux 2017.2

Output of the SSH-Audit

This output will not take so much time to produce but it always depends on the server that will be auditing.

The command to run the SSH-Audit is such as

./ <any website/server that will be auditing>

The sample output of the SSH-Audit can be seen as below

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