What is Phishing Email?

Phishing Email is usually an email that been send by the spammer to get details or information about the victims such as Name, Bank Account Details, Phone Number and so on. This type of Phishing method are mostly will be using Social Engineering tools where the spammer will get the victim’s attention. One of the attention example is the spammer will ask the victims to reset the password of their email or reset their online banking password.

Types of Phishing

For those didn’t know the types of Phishing, there is a few types of phishing such as Spear Phishing, Phone Phishing, tab napping, clone phishing and so on.

I will not elaborate all of the types of phishing that mention above but i will elaborate some of it in this post.

  • Spear Phishing

This kind of attack normally be directly targeted a  certain firm, organization and individual. Because of this, normally this attack motive is that revenge on that certain firm, organization and individual. The spammer usually obtain information for this attack from unsecured information that been put on the victims desk or didn’t shedder any useful information successfully.

  • Tab Napping

Tab napping attack is usually the most dangerous method because the victims will believe they still browser the same website that they visited before. This attack will show the genuine website first and with victims didn’t keep track of the website, the JavaScript will work its charm and change the website interface into something not genuine. For more information, you can see the video  Tabnapping – Youtube Source

The Remediation

The victims need to have awareness about this kind of attack and always check the link that stated in the email whether its genuine or not. For the tabnapping, you can just disable the javascript or you need to check whether you still in the genuine website by looking the website address and favicon icon.

Source: Tabnapping – Youtube Source


By Wan Ariff

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