Security Baseline can be considered as one of the important checklists that needed to ensure the system and application been secured from been compromised.

A System Administrator, Developer, and User need to take precaution on the Security Baseline to ensure that their system and application been protected by a malicious attacker. An example of a Security Baseline that needs to look into would be Password Strength, Patching, and Access Control

Let’s go deeper into this!

Password Strength

A password is needed for any system and Operating System which will be daily usage for most of the people. The user will need to ensure generate a strong password so that the attacker or cracker will not be able to gain the password.

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Patching the system

Before we start to look deeper, we need to know what is Patch is all about. A patch is a fix of a known vulnerability that will damage the system. Depending on the application and Operating System, patches are been released on different timing like Windows will release a patch Every Tuesday each month.

A new vulnerability will always be found every day and it is important for the Users to check on the patches available on the internet. An outdated machine will expose the vulnerability to the public and that is what normally the bad guys will be waiting and looking forward to.

As a result, the User especially System Administrator and Developer will check the application or system whether the version uses is outdated or not.

Access Control

Access Control can be defined as the progress of giving the selective restriction of access of authorized personnel to the system. However, Access Control can be categories as Physical Access and Virtual Access.

Physical Access is accessed that been normally used with card access to a restricted area such as Office and Data Centre. The access would be monitored by Guard and Receptionist.

Virtual Access is been used within internet access such as E-mail, Web Application Login and Sensitive Directory that stored within the Website.

A vulnerability such as this one normally comes from Access Control Misconfiguration which a System Administrator will need to ensure it’s security.

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