Security Flaw on Huawei 2011’s Device

On CNBC, the U.K.-based Vodafone which is the world’s second-largest mobile operator has stated in a statement such as

The issues were identified by independent security testing, initiated by Vodafone as part of our routine security measures, and fixed at the time by Huawei.

However, Huawei has denied that they gained any authorized onto their device network. As a result, U.S official has pressure all their allies to block 5G equipment where they expect it could provide any backdoor for Chinese to spy.

Source: Huawei denies reports of backdoor vulnerabilities (Youtube)

Huawei spokesman have stated in their statement such as follows

Software vulnerabilities are an industry-wide challenge. Like every ICT [information and communications technology] vendor, we have a well-established public notification and patching process, and when a vulnerability is identified, we work closely with our partners to take the appropriate corrective action.

Source: Vodafone denies Huawei Italy security risk

Author: Wan Ariff

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