Ransomware Gangs have targeted top executive for sensitive data

Ransomware Gangs normally will make attempt with the ransomware extort where the main purpose of the attacks will extort the money as much as possible from the organisations.

A few effective techniques to get the full attention of the organisation’s management team will be under ransomware gans knowledge.

The main purpose of the target on the sensitive information will been stored within the computers which been used by company’s top executives is that the ransomware gangs aim would to find any valuable information that provided a huge damage on organization.

Cyber Intelligence Expert at CSIS Group, Stefan Tanase has told ZDNet in an email this week such as below:

This a new modus operandi for ransomware actors, but I can say I’m not surprised

clop ransomware

The screenshot is taken from here shown that a ransomware text example for this attack.

An example scenario that look similar will be Clop Evidence where the victims have confirmed that the attacks is not a fluke which it s a technique and method that been used by Clop gang have for the past few months.

Source: Ransomware Gangs Scavenge for Sensitive Data by Targeting Top Executives

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