PhoneSploit is a new tool that would be exploiting Android Mobile Devices by using Android Debug Bridge (ADB). The tools can be running within the Windows Operating System and Linux Operating System.

For this post, I will use Kali Linux 2020 Operating System (Linux) but Windows User doesn’t have worries about the installation because the step will be almost the same.

PhoneSploit Installation

Firstly, i will clone the PhoneSploit from GitHub by using the command that look something such as below:

git clone

The progress will only take around a few minutes depending on the Internet connection that the user is using.

Once the clone completed, let’s take a look at what is there within the PhoneSploit folder by using cd PhoneSploit

I notice there is .rar format file resides within the folder and other files look nothing malicious to me. So, let’s unrar that file and see what has stored within that file.

You need to use the command such as unrar -e adb.rar /PhoneSploit.

Let’s continue on the installation for PhoneSploit on the machine. The next thing that you need to do is installing Colorama by typing the command

pip install colorama

In my case, I have already installed in my machine before so it’s all cool but however for those who don’t have Colorama installed in your machine, you will need to install it.

Now, we are finally ready with the PhoneSploit and let’s start using it.

To run the Phonesploit tools, we can use the command that look like below:


I’m using python3 because that is the only python installed in my Kali Linux Machine. Some people can run it using python or python2 depending on what version of python been used.

The screenshot above is PhoneSploit interface when it finally start running.

The only problem that I encounter when running the PhoneSploit tools is adb is not found. For us to fix the issues face, we need to install a few plugin or tools by using the following command

  • sudo apt update
  • sudo apt install android-tools-adb
  • sudo apt install android-tools-fastboot

Credit given to metachar

Source: Github PhoneSploit

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