Outage on Microsoft Cloud Service

Recently, there is an outage happening within the Microsoft Cloud Service such Azure and Microsoft 365 that affecting all Microsoft’s user around the world. The issues are related to Azure Active Directory Authentication which I recall happen within last month.

Source: Microsoft Azure Status page

The picture above shows the status of Azure today which it seems everything is fixed but there still some region that needs to fix. For further details on the status, people can see over here


Source: Microsoft

According to Microsoft Azure’s team analysis, there will some issues that might be experienced by the user which including access to the Microsoft or Azure services. On the safety note, Microsoft team still alert other customers that used Microsoft 365 and Office 365 will be still facing some possible issues related to Exchange and Outlook application.

The issues that will be facing by the user would be accessing the admin centre portal and try to sync between Outlook mobile and desktop. Another issue that Microsoft has identified while look into the previous issues is that there is a slight change have been applied to WAN (Wide-Area-Networking) which it leads to some problem related to connectivity latency or connection failures between one region with another region.

Azure has taken action in mitigating the issues by rolled back the current change to a healthy configuration.

After Azure AD issues, Microsoft Cloud issues that happen this week would not a good image for Microsoft

Reference: Microsoft cloud services outages continue into week two

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