For those who are not familiar with Mobile Security Framework, this tool is an automated tool that been used for (Android/IOS/Windows) Mobile Penetration Testing.

What this tool will be focusing on is a thing like below:

  • Static
  • Malware Analysis
  • Dynamic

How to Install on your Mac OS machine?

Firstly, you need to fulfill the following requirement:

  • cryptography == 2.6.1
  • Django == 2.2.4
  • pdfkit == 0.6.1
  • androguard == 3.3.5
  • lxml == 4.3.3
  • rsa == 4.0
  • biplist == 1.0.3
  • requests == 2.22.0
  • bs4 == 0.0.1
  • colorlog == 4.0.2
  • macholib == 1.11
  • google-play-scraper ==
  • whitenoise == 4.1.3
  • click == 6.7
  • pyparsing == 2.2.2
  • capfuzz == 0.0.1
  • waitress == 1.3.0
  • gunicorn == 19.9.0
  • apkid == 2.0.3

You also need to have latest xcode-select and Python3 installed on your Mac OS machine.

*For those didnt have Python3 installed, you can install it by using the command below:*

brew install python3

Once completed, you can straight away download the Mobile Security Framework or also known as Mobsf.

For download, you can use the following command in your terminal

git clone

After everything looks like the above picture, you can go to the folder by typing cd Mobile-Security-Framework-MobSF

When you are already inside the folder, you can set up the tools by typing the command bash or ./

This will take a few minutes to complete depending on the machine itself.

After a while, you can start using the tools by using a command like:


You’re done and let play with Mobile Security Framework a.k.a MobSF

All you need is go to the browser and enter the URL http://localhost:8000

Sadly, I don’t have any file to analyze for now to be analyzed inside the tools. If you have any file to be analyzed, you can click Upload & Analyze button to start analyzing the file


Source: Mobile Security Framework – MobSF Documentation

By Wan Ariff

He brings with him working experience in Information Security filed which specializing in Penetration Testing and Digital Forensic. His passion is more to IT Security

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