Microsoft launch Azure Sphere OS

What is new in Microsoft?

Recently, Microsoft has announced that they will launch a linux distro of its own from the simply loving Linux. The purpose is to aimed for the Internet of Things(IoT) market that been the highlight nowadays.

The IoT developer will be sitting inside of the sphere where it will focus on the Azure Sphere ecosystem. The Linux distro that Microsoft will launch is called Azure Sphere OS.

All Azure Sphere devices will be provided a free license to all available to all users  where the company will be looking to create an ecosystem around the Sphere OS.

Microsoft said that Azure will be

Meet all seven properties of a highly secured device – making it a first of its kind solution

Galen Hunt, Azure Project at Microsoft have said on Microsoft Azure Website that

The Mirai botnet attack in 2016 that compromised around 100,000 consumer devices, and took out the internet on the US East Coast for a day, as an example why connected MCUs have to be secure.

Point of view in Security

First of all, the device has been considering a security point of view where the device will be extending to the cloud environment and have security improvement in the device’s hardware.

From there, the engineer staff need to realize that last line of defense is not the best protection. Due to massive botnet attack, this Azure Sphere OS is been created to solve those insecure attack against the IoT device

Microsoft Azure Sphere Leadership Vision

The following video that played for 2:25 minutes will talk about the Microsoft Azure Sphere Leadership Vision

(Video Source: Youtube)


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