Mac FruitFly

What is FruitFly?

Recently, there is a news that Mac Malware called FruitFly was been discovered inside the Mac System which been there since early this year.  The Malwarebytes have declared the existence of the Mac Malware “Fruitfly” inside their blog.

One of the security researchers, Patrick Wardle have discussed during Black Hat event that happen this week where it can be found here.

How is the FruitFly works?

The malware FruitFly function have a few function that will effect the victim’s Mac such as:

  • Capture the screenshot of the Mac Background and it is possible also can capture the victim’s face
  • It also can take control of the webcam of the Mac where it can see what is there from the victim’s point of view.
  • It also can access and connect the Victim’s Mac device and also can access the device near the Mac Device.

Wardle have told ZDnet that

You have to realise that this kind of re-exposes the fact that you can be an ordinary person and still be victim of a really insidious attack. This is just another illustration that Macs are just as vulnerable as any other computer (Sources: What is Fruitfly? The near-undetectable Mac malware explained)

How to Protect from the attack against Fruitfly?

Apple have already released the patch for the earlier version of the Fruitfly but however for the newer variant or newer version of the Fruitfly is still unknown whether it will be threat for the Mac’s User. It was advised that the Mac’s User need to update their Mac Version since it’s possible that the the patches of the FruitFly been included in the new patches that been released


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