Lack of CyberSecurity Resource

Source: Welcome: Solving Our Cybersecurity Talent Shortage

Over the years, we notice that IT Security resources have been a lack in most of the organizations where it has been critical to any infrastructure and any orgaTnization around the world.

Supposedly, cybersecurity should be a high priority to any organization where they should be providing correct training to ensure staff awareness regardless of government or private sector.

Source: The Cyber Skills Gap | Chris Silvers | TEDxElonUniversity

From organizations/government point of view, it’s important to their respective staff to be protecting their own critical data and sensitive assets from being compromised by bad guys out there.

System Administrator, Developer and not forget about other staff in the organization where they are encouraged to work closely to ensure the data privacy are been protected. The management should be highlighted what should be protected and what is less critical to the organization

Due to some variation of studies been made, the lack of qualified cybersecurity resources will hit 3.4 million will be unfilled by the time 2021. The current level of lack of qualified resources have reached 2.93 million which in North America have empty seats around 500,000

Source: The Cyber Skills Gap | Chris Silvers | TEDxElonUniversity

Author: Wan Ariff

He brings with him working experience in Information Security filed which specializing in Penetration Testing and Digital Forensic. His passion is more to IT Security

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