Kali Linux 2020 is out!

Within a few days ago, Kali Linux 2020.1 have been released in the wild.

For those that wanted to install from zero, they can download and install it from the link here

New features and tools have been implemented in this new version of Kali Linux which will listed as follows:

New Features

  • Non-root by default
  • Kali Single installer image (Kali Linux Installer)
  • The theme has improved from the previous version of Kali Linux
  • Kali Undercover

New Tools

  • Splinter
  • Sherlock
  • cloud-enum
  • phpggc
  • emailharvester

Let’s Dig Deeper into the new Features!

  • Non-root by default

The function has been implemented for many years now and most of the user already get used to it. However, they have decided to move the model to the “traditional default non-root user” model.

Moving forward, there will no more credentials such as username root password toor. It conclude that default username root and password toor will not been implemented in Kali Linux 2020.

The latest user policy for new Kali Linux would be something like this. For more detailed on this new features, can look into Kali Linux Blog post

Kali Single installer image

There are a lot of new things been implemented under these new features. The user doesn’t have to connect to the network connection for the default package selection during the installation.

Besides that, the user are able to choose the environment like DE:XFCE,GNOME,KDE and so on during the installation.

Source : Kali Linux Blog Post

New Theme

The new Theme for this latest Kali Linux was awesome. For me, it looks like an easy environment which I prefer GNOME and XFCE.

The below screenshot is taken on the login access to whatever that been inside of Kali Linux 2020

Menu Presentation has been changed and that’s not all that change in this Menu Section. If look closely, the icon of the tools has also changed for the user that use Kali Linux as their day-to-day Operating System.

As for me, the first thing that caught my eye would be the Terminal Emulator. So, this is it!

So what caught your eye when surfing Kali Linux 2020.1?

Addition peak on Kali Linux 2020.1

Reference: Kali Linux Blog

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