Emotet Trojan is a destructive botnet and the most costly in the world have come back haunting us after a five months hiatus with a new attack. On Friday, Emotet botnet has been released via a bunch of malicious email spam to potential victims by threatening them with ransomware.

Source: Emotet – The Evolution of Malware

Microsoft Security Intelligence(@MsftSecIntel) have mentioned that Latest Emotet tactics would be attached links or documents with malicious macros within the email sent

Another Update on Twitter account (abuse.ch) that have talked about the Emotet botnet came back is shown as follows:

A group of security researchers such as Cryptolaemus, where they been dedicated into detect and tracking Emotet botnet also verify on Emotet’s comeback.

Those security researchers also have help from cybersecurity well-known firms such as

Source: Threat Actor Playbook – Emotet Malware | with FortiGuard Labs’ Tony G

Due to the latest Emotet Botnet Attack is has been infecting the organization’s business operation by new spam modules been pushed around the world which can be seen in Peterkruse Twitter (@peterkruse).

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