Egregor Ransomware latest activity

Every year, we will hear about an organization that affected with ransomware and one of the world’s largest recruitment agencies which are Randstad that have included in the list of the victim for a ransomware attack.

Let’s talk a bit on the Egregor Ransomware!

For those are not familiar with ransomware activity, Egregor have been release in the computer world around September this year which the service like ransomware-as-a-service has risen from nothing from a now-defunct Maze gang.

Ransom Note

Source: Egregor ransom note

Aside from above, the ransomware itself is been designed with the help of code obfuscation and payloads.

Who is the victims of Egregor Ransomware?

  1. Kmart
  2. Vancouver Metro
  3. Randstad

Ruston Miles, founder and advisor at Bluefin, have said on the email to threatpost such as follows:

There are several prevention techniques for ransomware attacks like this one, but of course, the attacks constantly evolve. Depending on the size and sophistication of a company, prevention can become very difficult

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