Denial of Service Masterclass Part 1

What is Denial of Service?

The attack is a old school attack where the attacker can render any system to be unusable or significantly make the system a little slow  for legitimate users, by overloading its resources. As a result, the victims or user of the system will not be able to access until it be resolved by the system administration.

There’s another type of Denial of Service is call Distributed Denial of Service(DDos). This attack can be considered as one of attack that will focus on multitude of compromised system attack a single target, which is can be cause  denial of service for users of the targeted system

The Purpose of the Denial of Service?

The attacker purpose of the attack is such as

  • Flood a network, thereby preventing legitimate network traffic
  • Disrupt connections between two machines, which will preventing access to a service
  • Prevent a particular individual from accessing a service
  • Disrupt service to a specific system or person

The impact of this Denial of Service?

  • Disable network
  • Disabled organization
  • Financial loss
  • Loss of goodwill

The recommendation for the Reflected DoS

The system need to block all inbound packets originating from the service port range will block most of the traffic being innocently generated by reflection servers. ISPs also need to prevent any transmission of the fraudulently addressed packets that trying to access the system or servers.

Example of the current attacks

Lately, there’s one big name(GitHub) that been effected by the Denial of Service attacks.

You can read the news as the following

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