D-Link camera vulnerability MITM bug

On the ESET blog, they have mentioned that D-Link has a Man-In-The-Middle attack that can allow the attacker to tap D-Link Camera video stream. A serial of vulnerability in the D-Link is also can incept and manipulate the video

Below are the other flaw that Researcher have found in the D-Link

  • Web browser plug-in service which is mydlink that can allow any application or user on the client’s computer gain access into the camera’s web interface
  • An attacker can exposure in its HTTP interface on port 80 to the internet that can happen without the user’s permission

For further details on this D-Link Vulnerabilities, you can read it here

Source: Demonstration of the now-fixed vulnerability in the D-link camera plugin

Source: Man-in-the-Middle vulnerabilities in D-Link cameras

Author: Wan Ariff

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