Cybersecurity Market

There is a lot of CyberSecurity issues that occur within the organization especially CyberAttack that coming from the attacker out there. Due to a lot of attacks that related to Apple, Adobe, Deepfake and Social Engineering, it can be considered wise to improve security within the application and organization.

A collection of data can be precious for an organization can carry a high risk to their staff and business operations. As a result, an organization will need to find a way to protect its precious data from been exposed to the public. That’s why the cybersecurity market is more important in terms of protecting precious organization’s data from leaking.

Why CyberSecurity is a must right now for organization?

During COVID-19 pandemic that occurs around the world right now, a lot of organization have taken their business operation online and some organization has asked their workers to “work from home” which they will access workplace via the internet.

To avoid the workers and organizations becoming victims of cyberattack activity, a very strong cybersecurity platform will need to implemented and became more crucial nowadays.

Nowadays, the organization will implement an effective cybersecurity strategy to ensure that the organization’s data been where it will increase in its business report. Some organizations can’t afford the cybersecurity strategy due to the pricing and the Cybersecurity platform will need to find a solution to cover both structure and pricing.

CyberSecurity Solution

CyberSecurity Framework

Cybersecurity Framework is a framework that will be based on existing global standards, guidelines and practices for any organization to improve their managing global policies and avoid any risk that affecting the system within an organization.

Source: The Cybersecurity Framework (Youtube)

Penetration Testing and Vulnerabilities Assessment.

Another Solution that we can work up with will be Penetration Testing and Vulnerabilities Assessment. Those activities will improve the security level of the application as well as the system where they will seek any known vulnerability resides inside the application and system.

Author: Wan Ariff

He brings with him working experience in Information Security filed which specializing in Penetration Testing and Digital Forensic. His passion is more to IT Security

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