Cyber Security Framework


Cybersecurity Framework is a framework that will be based on existing global standards, guidelines and practices for any organization to improve their managing global policies and avoid any risk that affecting the system within an organization.

Cybersecurity Framework has been created to become a management communication between internal and external organizational stakeholders. There’s three main components that will look during the activity are The Core, Implementation Tiers and Profiles.

Source: The Cybersecurity Framework (Youtube)

Components in Cybersecurity Framework

Framework Core

In Framework Core components will normally provide a number of sets desired for the activity and the common language on these outcomes will be easy progress to understand bu the organization. This type of component will guide the organization in terms of how to manage its assets and any organization’s existing risk in management processes can be reduced the impact.

Framework Implementation Tiers

Framework Implementation Tiers will help assist the organizations by guiding them in terms of useful context on risk management. Besides that, the framework will also use for standards to the organization when considering the appropriate level in their cybersecurity program.

Framework Profile

Framework Profiles is considered as a unique alignment for the organization’s requirements, objectives, risk management, and resources. The Framework Profile can be considered as opposite desired outcomes if comparing with Framework Core. By just looking at the Framework’s name, we can assume that it will be used to verify and prioritize any opportunities on improvement at an organization in cybersecurity areas.

Source: The Cybersecurity Framework (Youtube)

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