Critical Risk: D-Link VPN Routers Flaws

D-Link VPN router such as D-Url is been identified susceptible on the three new significant-risk for latest security vulnerabilities which lead to a millions of small business networks been expose to any cyberattacks.

The attacks can be exploited by a remote malicious attacker to run malicious arbitrary commands on networking units via malicious crafted requests and response and also attacks such as denial-of-provider assaults

The affected device on the command injection flaws can be seen in the listed below:

  • DSR-150
  • DSR-250
  • DSR-500
  • DSR-1000AC
  • DSR firmware variation 3.14 & 3.17

Source: TheHackerNews

Statement that been shared by TheHackerNews where Digital Protection have mentioned in the report provided.

From the two WAN and LAN interfaces, this vulnerability could be exploited in excess of the Internet

They continue as follows:

As a result, a distant, unauthenticated attacker with accessibility to the router’s web interface could execute arbitrary instructions as root, successfully getting full command of the router

Source: WARNING — Critical Remote Hacking Flaws Affect D-Link VPN Routers

Author: Wan Ariff

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