SAP Penetration Testing MasterClass

What is SAP? SAP also known as Systems, Application and Products in Data Processing owned by German company that have devoted to the business solutions development. More than 41,600 customers in more than 120 countries […]


What is DNSTwist? DNStwist is a tools where it will generate a list of any possible phishing domains and verify whether the phishing domain have been registered.   Main Function of DNStwist Below are the features […]

Secure Coding Tutorial

Secure Coding What is is Secure Coding? Secure coding is a method where the developer will securing the code from been compromised by the attacker. The best practice for this method is the developer need […]

Denial of Service Masterclass Part 1

What is Denial of Service? The attack is a old school attack where the attacker can render any system to be unusable or significantly make the system a little slow¬† for legitimate users, by overloading […]