Forensic Tools – DG WINGMAN

Recently, Digital Guardian has launched a forensic tool called DG WingMan for security professionals that involved in Forensic Area As we all know, it’s important to collect any evidence whenever a security incident occurs. For […]


What is Phishing? Phishing is a method that been sent by the spammer to get details or information about the victims such as Name, Bank Account Details, Phone Number and so on. Shellphish is one […]


What is Exiftool? Exiftool is an open source tool that read, write and edit any meta related to Jpeg, Pdf, Audio, and Video. The purpose of Exiftool is that differentiation between original file with the […]

Metasploit 5.0 Review

Metasploit 5.0 is already been release to the wild. Good news! It is a major improvement from the previous metasploit version. The new Metasploit 5.0 functionality and features are like following: PostgreSQL database can run […]

Network Assessment Tools

The common network assessment tools like Wireshark and Nmap can complete within the network or external network (remotely). The purpose of network assessment is to pinpoint the network vulnerabilities or weakness that been exposed to […]


Frida is a Dynamic toolkit for the developers, reverse-engineers, and security researchers to do mobile penetration testing Why choose Frida? ·       Script – Frida allows the attackers to inject their own script into the black box processes. […]

Prowler – AWS Security Assessment tools

What is Prowler? During my research on how to do an security assessment on the cloud infrastructure, i stumble with Prowler tools which been write by Toni de la Fuente Twitter. The origin of the “Prowler” […]

Arachni – Web Security Framework

Arachni is a Web Security Framework that will scanner the vulnerabilities on the targeted website. It can be used on the Linux based Operating System. Arachni have two type of version which GUI interface and […]

Web Application: Vega Vulnerabilities Scanner

What is Vega Vulnerabilities Scanner? Vega Vulnerabilities Scanner is a free and open source tools that will help you to scan the web application system that you wanted to test. Just like Acunetix, it also […]


As people have notice, there have a new version of the Kali Linux that just came out recently. One of the new tools that added into the repositories is SSH-Audit. For those are not have […]