Unscheduled Adobe Experience Manager Patches

Recently, a lot of post have been publish related on “Unscheduled Adobe Patches”. For this month only, there already have three patches been issued to the Adobe’s User. The flaw that been included in the […]

Critical Adobe Vulnerabilities

What are Adobe Vulnerabilities? Lately, Adobe has officially release patched two critical flaws that to Acrobat and Reader (CVE-2018-16011 & CVE-2018-16018). The first updates in the new year that release to the customers named, APSB19-0 […]

What is the LIBSSH vulnerability?

SSH provides a secure communication channel to access a remote computer. A developer can choose to use LIBSSH in their application server to transfer files, establish a secure tunnel, etc… Best of all LIBSSH is […]

TOR bug

Recently, there have been found a bug in TOR whether using http or HTTPs that been triggered where it’s known as “TORMOIL” a members of TOR project have provided a temporary solution until the final […]

Reaper Botnet

A new botnet called “Reaper” have been notice as a massive issues since middle of September this year. This new botnet “Reaper” is basically is been made up of a few things such as IP-Based […]

Apache Struts Vulnerabilities

There’s a new vulnerabilities that might be threaten almost a number companies where the vulnerabilities came from Apache Struts. For those are not aware what is Apache Struts, Apache Struts is a programming framework in […]

Mac FruitFly

What is FruitFly? Recently, there is a news that Mac Malware called FruitFly was been discovered inside the Mac System which been there since early this year.  The Malwarebytes have declared the existence of the Mac Malware […]


What is LeakerLocker Ransomware? After a number of  ransomware happen around May and June such as (WannaCry, Petya, BadLock and so on) there’s a new ransomware that have been effected on Android. This new ransomware […]