Cisco IOS XE software update

Last Wednesday, a High Severity Cisco flaw has been found and been announce in the public alongside with the patch. However, there is no workaround for this vulnerabilities been release. According to Cisco, this vulnerability […]

Amcrest Security Camera Vulnerability

As been wrote at ThreatPost, there is around six vulnerability have been found in Amcrest Security Camera by Mandar Satam, a senior security researcher at Synopsys as follows: CVE-2017-8226 CVE-2017-8227 CVE-2017-8228 CVE-2017-8229 (Serious Bug) CVE-2017-8230 […]

CVE 2019-11517

Lately, there is an old vulnerability that not yet been fixed in WampServer where it related to Cross Site Request Forgery. The previous CVE for this vulnerabilities is CVE-2018-8817( The attacker can still abuse this […]

Microsoft NTLM Vulnerability discovered

Recently, there is an massive vulnerability have been found in the Microsoft NTLM which it can result to RDP to the Microsoft NTLM Authentication Protocol, The vulnerability that been found by Preempt researchers are as […]

D-Link camera vulnerability MITM bug

On the ESET blog, they have mentioned that D-Link has a Man-In-The-Middle attack that can allow the attacker to tap D-Link Camera video stream. A serial of vulnerability in the D-Link is also can incept […]

Security Flaw on Huawei 2011’s Device

On CNBC, the U.K.-based Vodafone which is the world’s second-largest mobile operator has stated in a statement such as The issues were identified by independent security testing, initiated by Vodafone as part of our routine […]

CVE-2019-5786 Chrome Vulnerability

What is CVE-2019-5786? Recently, Chrome Vulnerability (CVE-2019-5786) exploit is in the wild and it has caught the attention of Justin Schuh, Google Chrome’s security lead and engineering director. He has warned all the Chrome User […]

Adobe ColdFusion Zero-day Vulnerability

What is Adobe ColdFusion Zero-day? Recently, Adobe have released an patch for the Adobe ColdFusion Zero-day for the following effected version: ColdFusion 11 ColdFusion 2016 ColdFusion 2018 The vulnerabilities been categorised as CVE-2019-7816, which is […]

CVE-2019-5736 Vulnerabilities

Recently, there is a new vulnerabilities which announce in runc (an popular container platforms called Docker & Kubernetes). How the Vulnerability work? The attacker can use an exploit in a bug within runc to get […]

Unscheduled Adobe Experience Manager Patches

Recently, a lot of post have been publish related on “Unscheduled Adobe Patches”. For this month only, there already have three patches been issued to the Adobe’s User. The flaw that been included in the […]