CVE-2020-0601 Vulnerabilities

First CVE in the year 2020 has been released to the public and one of them is CVE-2020-0601 which it refers to Windows CryptoAPI Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows. Before we go deep into the vulnerabilities, […]

Chrome Security Browser Vulnerabilities

A few days ago, Google Chrome engineers have been scared to death when issues have been raised for all the Google Chrome browsers across all the platforms. The issues that have made Google Chrome engineers […]

Cyberattack via Whatsapp

Recently, Cybersecurity people and companies will take serious notice of the latest hacking event that happens within this week such as Whatsapp Hack. A group of hackers has been targeting an amount of 1,400 from […]

Android flaw exploit

Recently, there is an unpatched Android flaw like privilege escalation vulnerability has been revealed. However, it was detected on Android device that running version 8.x The exploit will give full control to the affected Android […]

Old Security Flaw Reopen on Apple iOS

Recently, Apple has released the latest version of iOS to the public but accidentally reopen an old Security Flaw in its latest version. The security flaw has been found in iOS 12.3 where the vulnerabilities […]

Vulnerability on PHP for the year 2019

As we all know that vulnerabilities in PHP are normally mistakes made by the developer when they are writing the original code. Like Application is been used over and over again, the developer will have […]

Apple reward for iPhone Bug

Recently, Apple has announced that they will reward any hacker that found any vulnerability in the iPhone and Mac. Apple has put $1 Million as Bounty rewards and it is by far the highest bounty […]

DragonBlood Vulnerability

Around this year’s April, there are five vulnerabilities known as Dragonblood that been disclosed by two security researchers. This Dragonblood is a vulnerability that related to WPA3. Recently, the same security researchers have found another […]


Introduction Nowadays, an attacker is trying to exploit an old vulnerability that been found in the year 2017 on Microsoft Outlook (CVE-2017-11774).  This malware has been discovered by Sensepost and reported the vulnerability to Microsoft […]

Exim flaw is under attack on Linux Server

As of last Thursday Amit Serper, Cybereason’s head of security researchers has warned about the attackers that might be exploiting the Exim flaw to gain an access control over the target Linux Server via SSH […]