Oracle Critical Patch Update

Last week, ERPscan have reveal on the vulnerabilities that effected the Oracle Server application called “Tuxedo”. For those are not familiar with the Oracle Tuxedo, can read about it at here The ERPscan company mentioned that […]

IcedID trojan

What is IcedID and How it spread? IcedID is a new trojan that been found in the banking scene where it still in the first development. Similiar to Trickbox and Dridex, trojan called IcedID can […]

hashcat v4.0.0

What is Hashcat? Hashcat have release a new version which version 4.0.0 where there will a few new features that is implement inside it. For those who doesn’t know what is hashcat, hashcat is one […]

HTTP Public Key Pinning(PKP) removed from Chrome

Google have announced that HTTP Public Key Pinning will be removed and they plan to removed it on May 2018 which it will implement during Chrome 67 HTTP Public Key Pinning For those who doesn’t […]

Bad Rabbit Ransomware

Recently, there is a new ransomware have been caused problem to computer in Russia and Ukraine called “Bad Rabbit”. The Bad Rabbit Ransomware is using the similar method as previous ransomware which is NotPetya that […]

IPv10 Draft Specification

It’s been since December last year that we heard about the IPv10 and now finally we can see the draft of IPv10 available in the wild. How it works? As the name suggest, anybody with […]

Web Application modsecurity

As people know, Web Application is one of the important things for any system and company to have.Nowadays, people are looking on how to protect their Web Application from been compromised by the bad guys. […]

“HackShit” Phishing-as-a-service

What is Phishing? Phishing is a attack that usually a platform to get information such as name, email,password and credit card details from the victims. This can happen in a few ways such as email […]