BlueKeep Ticking bomb

Bluekeep or also called CVE-2019-0708 is a vulnerability that related to critical remote code execution bug which found in older and legacy version of Windows such as Windows 7 and older. The vulnerabilities could give […]

Windows 10 will uninstall buggy update

Lately, Windows 10 have automatically uninstall any recent update that will causing a wreaking havoc within Operating System. The reason of this activity is that mostly of the update cannot compatible with the Latest Windows […]

Patch on Zero-Day Apple device

Recently, Apple have released a patch updates for Apple device that using the iOS and macOS Mojave where the vulnerabilities such as CVE-2019-7286 ( Privilege Escalation vulnerabilities) and CVE-2019-7287( I/O kit framework that only effect […]

Google Plus Shutting down Review

Unfortunately, Google will be shutting down ‘Google Plus’ within the next 10 months from now. This is due to one of a disclosed security vulnerability which may have exposed multiple user profile data since March […]

Bad Password Review

What is BAD DEFAULT PASSWORD? Nowadays, there is a lot of bad default password in the wild for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email and so on Recently, there a news where the facebook been breach on […]

Barack Obama’s Virus Ransomware

After Trump Ransomware was released on 2016, now there is a new Ransomware that been named under a famous name which now is Barack Obama’s Ransomware. The function of this new ransomware is that it […]

Calisto macOS Backdoor Remained Undetected for Two Year

History of Calisto Lately, Kaspersky Lab have discovered a backdoor which dubbed as Calisto MacOS that remained undetected for almost two years. This backdoor or also can be clarify as malware was been found uploaded to the […]

Patch Tuesday June edition

Patch Tuesday Information Lately, Microsoft have been release a new Patch Tuesday with a total of 51 of vulnerabilities for the CVE-listing. In the latest Patch Tuesday, it has included 11 fixes on High vulnerabilities […]

Microsoft launch Azure Sphere OS

What is new in Microsoft? Recently, Microsoft has announced that they will launch a linux distro of its own from the simply loving Linux. The purpose is to aimed for the Internet of Things(IoT) market […]

The new DNS analysis

Introduction Recently, A new DNS(Domain Name Server) that been securely safe to use in network environment. The new IP that been introduce by Cloudflare recently is Because of that, it will make the life […]