Bad Rabbit Ransomware

Recently, there is a new ransomware have been caused problem to computer in Russia and Ukraine called “Bad Rabbit”. The Bad Rabbit Ransomware is using the similar method as previous ransomware which is NotPetya that happened in June this year.

How Bad Rabbit Ransomware works?

The Bad Rabbit ransomware have spread its malware thru Adobe Flash update. The malware will encrypt the data on the affected machine just like NotPetya outbreak and will demanding an amount of bitcoin just to unencrypted the key.

As for those who is a fan of “Game of Thrones“, you will surely know the names of two dragon character like “drogon” and “rhaegar” which those name is been used as malware’s code in this Bad Rabbit.

The known targets that have experience this ransomware is such as following:

  • Ukraine’s Ministry of Infrastructure
  • Kiev’s public transportation system
  • Russian news service “Interfax”


The user or computer that have been effected, it is advisable not to paying the ransomware where there’s no guarantee that you will get the data in your computer back.

Source: (TheGuardian)Bad Rabbit: Game of Thrones-referencing ransomware hits Europe

Author: Wan Ariff

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