Apple reward for iPhone Bug

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Recently, Apple has announced that they will reward any hacker that found any vulnerability in the iPhone and Mac. Apple has put $1 Million as Bounty rewards and it is by far the highest bounty reward from any technology company around the world.

This announcement has come officially during BlackHat 2019 that been held at Las Vegas from Apple’s Head of Security Engineering Ivan Krstić 

It is important for companies, especially those dealing with mounds of sensitive personal data, to have a public-facing way to report bugs and vulnerabilities

Marten Mickos, CEO of the bug bounty platform HackerOne

As people have aware, some Technology company did open up the bug bounty program for all security researchers and will reward them for finding any vulnerabilities to their product.

Around July, Google has announced that they are offering $30,000 to those that can found vulnerability which resides inside the Chrome web browser.

Source: Apple opens up hacker-friendly iPhone to researchers at Black Hat

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