Apache Struts Vulnerabilities

There’s a new vulnerabilities that might be threaten almost a number companies where the vulnerabilities came from Apache Struts. For those are not aware what is Apache Struts, Apache Struts is a programming framework in building web application using java programming.

The flaw have been founded by Man Yue Mo, a security professional from the firm lgtm.com.

According to the researchers at the Man Yue Mo that

All version of Struts since 2008 are affected; all web applications using the framework’s popular REST plugin are vulnerable

What this vulnerabilities can do?

The attacker can easily inject malware into the affected servers where the system administrator didn’t aware about the attack. This can also lead to ransomware where the attacker can steal any private data that resides in the server and use it.

To be safe, the user need to update the Apache Struts that been released the latest Apache Struts v.2.5.13 where it have includes a fix for the CVE-2007-9805

Source: New Apache Struts Vulnerability Puts Many Fortune Companies at Risk

Author: Wan Ariff

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