A cybersecurity firm, FireEye been hacked and all their sensitive tools stolen

A cybersecurity firm, FireEye have been hacked by the same Russian spies/hacker that previously penetrated the White House and State Department from several years ago. The group hacker also attempted to steal the research about coronavirus.

On Tuesday, FireEye did disclose the breach on the organization which it was detected within recent weeks.

Aside of that, FireEye CEO, Kevin Mandia also said that

The hackers stole sensitive hacking tools that the company uses to detect weaknesses in customers’ computer networks and that could be turned back against the same customers or others.

He continue

They primarily went after information related to certain government customers.

According to Dmitri Alperovitch, Co-Founded a leading cyber firm, CrowdStrike, and is chairman of the Silverado Policy Accelerator think tank have said:

Security companies are one of the top targets of nation-state operators and many have been successfully compromised over the years, including Kaspersky, RSA and Bit9

As a result of the attacks shows that all “red team tools” did been stolen and we didn’t know the duration of the attacks. From experts point of view, it’s hard to measure the impact of the tools been stone which might be caused by software vulnerabilities.

Source: Spies with Russia’s foreign intelligence service believed to have hacked a top American cybersecurity firm and stolen its sensitive tools