The year 2020 is almost near the end and 2021 will be coming within a few weeks from now.

Most of the workers have been working from home this year due to CoronaVirus occurs which it will expose to cyberattacks such as Phishing, Ransomware and Lateral Movement

What we can expected on next year for cybersecurity such as follows:

  • Remote workers and workers that work from home will need to focus on the cyberattack method
  • VPN would be a weak link for some organization where they might be using a proper or secure network.
  • CISO and CSO will need to cope with reduced budgets which they will seek convergence across security solutions.
  • The Industry that will be affected heavily next year could be Financial Organizations such as Bank Sector
  • New Technologies with internet usage will be increased which the data exposure will be a great risk to all organizations and normal users

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