On this post, I would discuss the Red Teaming activity where some organization will be using those team to test the system or application. For those are not familiar with the terms “Red Teaming”, it s a team which will be focusing on multi-layered attack simulation with full-scope.

The main purpose of the activity is to measure how the organizations have done in terms of applications, networks, security controls which involved organization’s employees

Why Red Teaming is a must for organisations?

Red Teaming is a must to the organization’s where it will prepare the organizations to withstand the real-life attacking that came from attackers.

Red Teaming is a combination of whitehat and blackhat in a layman’s terms where the team will act as independent security personnel to ensure the system have follow the security best practice. This action will make it harder for the attacker to penetrate the system itself.

The objective of the red teaming will focus on exploiting any vulnerabilities and the scope have included the list as belows:

  • Infrastructure in the data centres such as network appliance, server, Operating System, Routers, and Applications
  • The employee in organisations such as staff, department.
  • Third-Party Vendor would be included within the independent contractors list.
  • Physical security controls will have include such as Office, buildings, access card and so on.

Source: What is a Red Team?

There’s a saying in old days such as

A good defend is to good attack

The durations of red team will take a longer than a normal penetration testing and the scope is more wider too. However, the process will look a little bit similar with any normal penetration testing