Nowadays, IT technical skills and knowledge are needed within the HealthCare industry especially hospitals, primary, pharmaceutical companies and so on. The changes happened due to pandemic-driven changes where staff are normally working from home.

VP of Innovation at Masergy, Ray Watson have explained

Healthcare IT teams have daunting technical challenges to ensure network bandwidth, resilience, and security in the face of surging online care, including telemedicine, remote workforces, and medical IoT

Since March 2020, we have noticed that around a percentage of 95% have been working from home. The Tele-Communication industry will need to increase the bandwidth of network around 92% for the HealthCare industry to accommodate the connected medical devices.

Summary of IT Security Challenges

Below is the summary that IT Security Challenges which need to highlight to the HealthCare IT teams

  1. Cloud Security (46%)
  2. Security of Medical Connected Device (46%)
  3. Working from home and mobile (36%)

Important for Network Resiliency and Cloud Security in HealthCare Industry

Nowadays, the HealthCare Industry will need to adapt with virtual visits from Doctor and Pop-up Clinics where the network resiliency and cloud security is a must for that to be executed

CISO Field for Healthcare at Fortinet, Troy Ament has said

The data reveals themes around convergence and simplicity, helping us further understand how healthcare IT organizations will thrive in 2021, IT leaders prefer integrated network and security technologies that provide a more effective approach for managing digital healthcare and medical IoT devices.