Nowadays, a lot of organizations create a Domain Name for their website and internal usage. It considered as important to the organization to ensure the data is been protected while surfing on the internet. An attacker can disrupt the organization’s activity and compromise the data within the website.

A Domain Name can be used on the internet when the owner has signed up the domain name on their trusted provider. ICANN responsibility will focus on coordinating technical DNS’s elements from a management point of view which to ensure all user around the world that use the Internet in a safe and secure environment.

Although these industries have improved over the year, Domain Name owners will need to take extra precaution in terms of avoiding attackers to attack and hijack the Domain Name. These extra precautions can be go on as follows:

  • Domain Name’s owner will need to choose a Registrar that has a Security Focused Mindset where they will know the importance of Domain Name Security to their customer. The Registrar will have hardened their portal and process that will do daily security checks for any malicious code and vulnerabilities that can impact their customers.
  • A Multi-Factor Authentication setup has been implemented which will provide a solid in terms of protection and security layer, especially on the login credentials interface. This type of protection will make it harder for the attacker to try access on the dashboard.
  • Implemented an HTTPS using SSL Certificates as an extended validation certificate to issues a better trust between customers and providers. The advantages of implementing are to prevent any phishing attempt and some websites to be redirected to a different page.
  • Domain Name’s Owners will need to find a providers that follow the strictest standards in terms of email delivery. For Owners, it is highly important to check Email Security Standards in order to help prevent any malicious email like a phishing email into the customer’s email.